Our goal is to serve economic institutions, financial activities, Service sectors, by providing with the appropriate systems and mechanisms to move from traditional administrative work to digital administrative work with the latest ideas and techniques .


AlzeinSoft is one of the leading companies in its field since 2003. It moved to Egypt in late 2012 and took it from the 6th of October City. It provides the best technical services based on the correct scientific basis, which ensures our continuity and survival. We believe that the future is oriented towards Keeping pace with digital technology so we adopt a trend based on the best advanced software bases. By the experts and legalization of the programming of highly qualified .


Change to the best always and the search for quality, as the good information in time is worth a lot. And since there can be no difference on the role played by modern technology in communication and information in terms of business management and improve performance and increase efficiency and productivity, as it is imperative to everyone as individuals and institutions and decision makers to take the causes of development and keep up with everything new in the world of information .


To make administrative work easier, to provide more time in creative aspects, improve communication between different departments, to know information directly and in a timely manner, to monitor performance and to evaluate early deviations to achieve harmony between the departments of the institution and to reach decisions capable of promoting our institutions in different Areas and activities. The person we must first compete with is that we have to be consistently better. The progress and success of our clients is our mission by harnessing our expertise and learning to serve the community based on a team of experts, programmers and administrative technicians. It can only be successful by the value of To the community and to those around you .



AlBayan Accounting System

Providing a distinguished service to customers, especially service after th sales . Protecting the financial data of customers . The walk of work accounting in companies to meet the circumstances . Keeping pace with the variables and the requirements of the labor market . The pursuit of excellence through a high level of services . Expanding the company's services through the spread of distributors and agents within the Arab countries and Turkey . Create value and make a difference in accounting work by making it more intuitive and fun . the Maintain our location as a highly efficient company and able to respond to changes quickly .

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Software Design

Design and programming of websites According to our customers' specific requirements by adopting the best standards for it .

We design and implement Android and iOS mobile applications with high precision and professionalism, achieve high sales and widespread of your business. now a Deafness a smartphone application for your company .

Design and programming desktop applications Whatever the field of your company, you will always need reports and analyses of your work and follow-up of employees and work and regularity as well as follow-up customers and stores and this is the role played by desktop applications .

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Web Hosting

Whether you are a beginner, a professional, a blogger, a designer, a developer, a small or a large company, or a government agency, we offer you suitable web hosting plans for you and everything you need to host your site and because you deserve the best we strive to provide you the highest efficiency and effectiveness of web hosting services .

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